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Monthly Archives: December 2011


Every now and then it helps to have a topic to get you going on a page. I recommend making a list of things about you when you start your journal, and if you ever get stuck in a journal block you can reference the list to see if anything inspires you. Typically I will … Continue reading »

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Please Be Careful

When my now husband Nick and I were first dating Nick had a motorcycle. He loved that motorcycle, but as most things with early college aged students, it didn’t last very long. About two months after he got his bike he was changing lanes when he ran into the back of a mini van, which … Continue reading »

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I’m not so much a cake, cheesecake, rich dessert type person. However, I love cookies! I have spent a long time perfecting my chocolate chip cookie recipe… and I won’t lie… I am proud of them. Cookies are so much better than cake in many ways. You can easily transport them, they don’t require silverware, … Continue reading »

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I Wish I Could Save the Day

When you think “superhero” I feel like images of Batman, Spiderman, Superman, and the like come to mind. Going through college we were often told we were going to have the opportunity and ability to change kids lives, we were going to become heroes. Recently I was talking to a future teacher. She was finishing … Continue reading »

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Your Present Plans Will Be Successful

Anyone who has gone through grad school can probably relate to this page. This is supposed to represent the year I spent getting my Master’s of Art Education. The page was originally inspired by a fortune I got in a fortune cookie that said, “Your present plans will be successful”. At the time I got … Continue reading »

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