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Review and Giveaway: DIY Pattern Paint Roller Room Makeover (closed)

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Pattern Paint Roller Before and After

One afternoon while enjoying my daily Etsy peruse I discovered something I couldn’t live without, a patterned paint roller. You use it just like any other paint roller, but rather than simply coating the wall, it creates a pattern similar to wallpaper.

I immediately favorited it and continued my peruse, but just a few days later I placed my order. I decided I had to have it. I purchased my paint roller from the etsy shop, Not Wallpaper, and eagerly awaited it’s arrival. After a very long six weeks of processing and shipping it finally arrived on my doorstep, I couldn’t wait to get started.

Pattern Paint Roller Supplies

Before it arrived I had already decided to use it in my guest bedroom. I didn’t mind the beige/pink color, but it didn’t 100% fit with the grayish blue of the bedspread and wall decor. To better tie the room together I choose two shades of gray. I decided to paint three walls with a lighter gray, one wall with a darker gray, and go back on top of the dark wall with the light color using the paint roller.

Tip: when selecting two colors to use in the same room stay within the same color family. I always select my two colors from the same paint strip.

I started the process by repainting the room with my new paint. I painted the wall with the bed on it with the darker gray and the other three walls with the lighter gray. While waiting for it to dry I pulled out my pattern paint roller and began reading the instructions.

It seemed simple enough and had good tips for painting the pattern randomly or in a set pattern, similar to wallpaper. I decided to go the faux wallpaper route and marked two sides of the roller with a + and -. You alternate between the + and – sides at the top of every stripe down the wall in order to get an even, alternating pattern.

Next, I followed the instructions to tape up the sides, top, and bottom of the wall and any outlets. In order to get a continuous roll you need to be able to roll on top of any obstacles (ie outlets). Once everything was set  I rolled the flat roller in the light gray paint, attached the pattern roller, and got to work.

Pattern Paint Roller Set Up

I couldn’t wait to pull the tape off after I finished rolling on the pattern to see it all come together and I loved the results!  In some areas I accidentally slid the roller causing the pattern to elongate and at the end I realized the pattern would overlap because I ran out of space. While not every section is perfect, as a whole it looks amazing. My best advice is to go with the flow and don’t stress if a section goes a little crooked. In the end the pattern really comes together and small mistakes aren’t noticeable.

Pattern Paint Roller Details

I loved the end result so much I decided to do the pattern on the wall across from my front door. I used a slightly lighter color with a satin finish. By using satin on top of matte it creates a very light affect, you can really only see the pattern when the light catches it. I love it!

Pattern Paint Roller

If you love the way this looks and want to get your own pattern paint roller visit Not Wallpaper’s Etsy shop here or enter my giveaway! Michelle, owner of Not Wallpaper, has graciously agreed to giveaway one pattern roller set, the winner gets to choose the pattern, to one of my lucky readers! All you have to do to enter is favorite Not Wallpaper’s Etsy shop here, and comment on this post with the name you favorited the shop under.

To earn up to three additional entries you can like my Etsy shop here, tweet about the giveaway, and/or share on facebook. For each additional entry please comment again with the name you favorited my shop under, a link to your facebook share, and/or a link to your tweet.

The winner will be randomly selected from the commenters next Friday (7/26) using the plugin And the winner is… Thanks for participating in my giveaway and following my blog! Help me spread the word by sharing, subscribing, commenting, liking, tweeting, digging, or other social networking of your choice. Thanks for stopping by!

Congrats to my winner Dana! Thanks for participating in this giveaway, keep checking back for more chances to win! With the success of this Etsy shop giveaway I hope to review and giveaway more local and handmade items in the future!



Posted by on July 19, 2013

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    Fabulous patterns, many toile like patterns, even like the wood grain.
    Easy way to produce an accent wall.

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