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Monogram Wreath

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I recently made this homemade wreath for a bridal shower. It was easy to make, especially if you want to use it indoors. If you want to make it an outdoor wreath it is a little more time consuming… but still easy!

All you need is a foam wreath, pages from any book, moss, a letter form, wire, a hot glue gun, mod podge (if you want it to be water proof), a paint brush, and a wreath hanger (most of this I bought at Michael’s).

If you want to water proof the paper you need to coat the book pages back and front with mod podge. This took a little longer than I expected, but I really wanted to be able to hang it outside.Use a paint brush to coat the pages.

Start the wreath by cutting the pages into 2 inch strips, rolling them into a cone shape, and hot gluing the ends to the wreath. Glue the first layer to the back, allowing about 1/2 inch to attach the paper. On the second layer, fold over about 1/2 inch of the bottom of the paper, apply hot glue to the folded area, then attach to the side of the foam wreath. I added four layers to the edge, until the paper cones almost reached the top. After I finished attaching the paper I started gluing the moss on top and on the inside of the foam wreath form. I then cut pages to cover the back of the wreath, even though you won’t see the back I wanted it to look nice.

To create the flowers I cut out a flower shape, then another slightly smaller, and so on, until I had 5 flower shapes I could stack. I glued wire to the back so I could bend the petals. I hot glued the layers together in the center of flower, then glued it on top of the wreath. I wanted three flowers, various sizes, odd numbers are typically more appealing!I hot glued strips of paper onto the letter M so it would blend in with the rest of the wreath.

To finish it off I hung it on the wreath hanger and put it on the door! The color of the moss blended perfectly with my friend’s door. I was very happy with the result!

Posted by on February 18, 2012

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3 Responses to Monogram Wreath

  1. whitneywpanetta

    I got caught up making it and forgot to document how to attach the paper to the wreath. I was inspired by a book page wreath I ran across on Pinterest. This crafter even had a video showing how to do it! Here is the link to her site:

  2. whitneywpanetta

    I love all of the wreaths you have on your website! It gave me great ideas for my next one. I really appreciate you linking to my site!

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