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Etsy Shop Review and Giveaway: Marquesa Atelier (closed)

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IMG_7580 copyI’m so excited for this Christmas because it will be my first Christmas with my newest niece, my sister’s daughter, Payton. I cann’t wait to start Christmas shopping for the adorable 5 month old, and I of course began searching Etsy first.

With so many amazing handmade products on Etsy these days, it’s hard to choose what is the best product for you. I always look for shops that provide great pictures, various angles, and a lot of details in the description to give me a better idea of what I am purchasing. This was especially important since I was looking for something for a fast growing newborn.

As I began my hunt for my first gift I decided I wanted to find a pretty winter hat. It truly is amazing how many handmade hat shops exist on Etsy, and I’m pretty sure I grazed through a good chunk of them. As I continued my search for the perfect hat I discovered a wonderful shop, Marquesa Atelier , run by Tatiana out of Europe.

1Her hats came in all different shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. They were proudly displayed upon tiny models’ heads, giving me a good idea of the size and fit. My sister’s current obsession with all things bows, flowers, and headbands for little Payton perfectly fit with Tatiana’s girly designs. As soon as my eyes fell upon the ivory knitted hat with the ivory flower detail, I knew it would be perfect.

I can easily imagine little Payton with her cute hat and winter coat this season. I immediately ordered a 5 month old size. In addition to placing my order, I also contacted Tatiana to see if she would be interested in having me feature her product on my blog in exchange for a giveaway for my readers. I was thrilled when she agreed and offered for the winner to select their favorite item from her shop as their prize. This sweetened the deal for the hat, and I eagerly awaited it’s arrival.

A couple of weeks later the hat found it’s way to my doorstep. I was very impressed with the speedy delivery, considering Tatiana had to make it and ship it from practically the other side of the world. I was even more impressed when I opened the package and found the beautiful crocheted hat inside.

As a one time knitting attempter and failure I am always impressed when other people succeed. Every loop, detail, and pattern was perfectly executed. The hat was symmetrical, tightly woven, and looks like it will be the perfect fit for Payton’s head. I’m impressed with Tatiana’s ability and can’t wait to order more in the future as Payton continues to grow.

Hat giveaway

If you would like to enter to win your own Tatiana original from Marquesa Atelier simply like her shop here, and comment below with the item you would like to win. If you would like to earn two additional entries all you have to do is share this post on Twitter or Facebook and comment below with a link to your post and/or like my shop here and comment below with the name you liked it under. In order to be entered three separate times please make sure you comment below three separate times.


The winner will be randomly selected next Thursday, 12/12 using the plugin, “And the Winner Is…”. The winner will be contacted via e-mail, if the winner doesn’t confirm in a 24 hour period and new winner will be selected. The winner will be announced on my Facebook page here. Thank you Marquesa Atelier for offering a giveaway and thank you readers for checking out my blog and participating!


Posted by on December 5, 2013

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74 Responses to Etsy Shop Review and Giveaway: Marquesa Atelier (closed)

  1. Melissa Gonzalez

    I would love any of the flower hats for my daughter!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Latasha

    I would love to win the ivory knit hat; it is so beautiful

  3. Jenna Burris

    i love the baby bear hat. I would love to see more boy designs! thanks! Jenna BUrris (Jennafish) on etsy

  4. SusanD crochet addict uk

    I have liked and I love her shop (Susan Dougill) (susand1408)

  5. Kirby

    Crochet Girl’s Hat, Yellow and Gray Girl’s Beanie, Toddler Hat

  6. Sarah Cool

    I would LOVE the Baby Girl Bonnet – Crochet Hat for Girls in Peach it is soooo pretty!

  7. Sarah Cool

    I like your etsy shop under everythingsarah

  8. Kayla J

    Baby girl hat with flower!!!

  9. Melanie Ann

    OMGoodness… I LOVE all her lovely hats! One of my favs is the pink bonnet! Thanks bunches for the chance!

  10. Sherri J

    I like the Baby Girl Hat – Crochet Infant Beanie in Ivory,

  11. Frances Blagg

    faved Look Between the Lines under frankyeb

  12. Mary Preston

    I love the Baby Girl Hat – Crochet Baby Beanie in Ivory.

  13. sarah c

    id love to win the newborn crochet tiara!!! adorable!!

  14. Jo

    I love -Baby Girl Hat – Crochet Baby Beanie in Ivory, Baby Girl Beanie, Infant Hats, Hats for Girls, – It’s just too cute

  15. mary mac

    So hard to choose but I think my niece would look so cut in the siamese hat

  16. Brandi giroux

    I like the pink baby girl bonnet

  17. Melody Camp

    I would love to win the Teddy Bear Hat in Tan with Red Flower for my daughter! She would look so cute in this!
    I also love this one: because it’s the color of my college (WSU) !!!

  18. Melody Camp

    I also liked your shop under the username juyahna // Melody Camp (I’m not sure which one shows)

  19. RebeccaW

    Liked her shop. I love her gray and pink crochet hat for toddlers.

  20. Kim Ortiz

    The Baby Bear Hat – Infant Baby Girl Beanie, Teddy Bear Hat in Tan with Red Flower is too cute! The contrast of the red and cream PLUS teddy bear ears is just precious!

  21. Kim Ortiz

    I favorite your etsy shop with the name dixonkr

  22. deanna

    like on easy (deannalw47)
    I like the baby girl bonnets.

  23. deanna

    like your shop on etsy (deannalw47)

  24. cindy a

    the crochet owl hat is adorable!

  25. Erica Carrie

    Id really like the peach bonnet its very cute andwood be good for spring pictures and easter

  26. cassandra

    i liked marquesa’s shop!

  27. cassandra

    i liked your shop!

  28. Jessica

    I have like her shop and I would love the baby girl hat in ivory.

  29. Claire

    I love -Baby Girl Hat – Crochet Baby Beanie in Ivory, Baby Girl Beanie, Infant Hats, Hats for Girls, – It’s just too cute

  30. Missy Marie

    Love the Crochet Earflap Hat – Peruvian Style Hat for Girls, ivory, pink, robin’s egg blue, Girl Accessories, Children

  31. gahome2mom
    and shared it. (google + janet coffield) (facebook – gahome2mom)

  32. kemberley crosswhite

    i favorited her shop on etsy!

  33. kemberley crosswhite

    i absolutely LOVE the baby bear hat with ear flaps!!! <3

  34. kemberley crosswhite

    i favorited your shop on etsy 🙂

  35. Sky Sparkle

    I love Earflap Hat For Girls – Crochet Ear Flap Hat, Oatmeal, many sizes avaliable

  36. Sky Sparkle

    I like you as skysparkle11

  37. Steven Pounds

    I would like to win the Crochet Owl Hat – Baby Girl Crochet Beanie in Gray and Pink – 2T – 4T. I think it is super cute!

  38. Steven Pounds

    I liked your shop under Steven Pounds

  39. Melissa

    With so many cute hats, it is hard to choose. However, I do like this one best and would love to win it.

  40. Kim Corrigan

    Crochet Hat for Girl – Baby Girl Beanie in Gray with pink flower

  41. Amanda K

    I shared on twitter as @lolololololo987 at 🙂

  42. Amanda K

    All of her stuff is SO CUTE 🙂 I really like the Baby Girl Beanie – Crochet Diamond Hat in Milky Brown, White Flower!

  43. Allison

    Crochet ear flap baby hat

  44. Amanda K

    I liked your shop and her shop as Amanda Kortokrax. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  45. Emily D.

    Any baby girl hat that isn’t pink for my cousin’s new baby girl due soon.

  46. Claire Rheinheimer

    I liked her shop, and the Baby Girl Beanie in Gray with pink flower is beyond cute! I love gray and pink together!

  47. Claire Rheinheimer

    Posted on facebook-

  48. Nicole Sender

    My friend’s baby girl would look so cute in this hat!

  49. Theresa Miller

    The hats are all so very pretty and I picked the one you are giving away but I do like the pink one Baby Girl Crochet Hat – Newborn beanie in pink with pearl embellishment too.

  50. Theresa Miller

    I liked your shop fb name Theresa Paronish Miller

  51. Allyson Tice

    I like the Etsy shop as Allyson Tice and absolutely LOVE the Crochet Owl Hat – Baby Girl Crochet Beanie in Gray and Pink – 2T – 4T!!!

  52. Allyson Tice

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  53. Tiffiny Duke

    I would chose the Crochet Ear Flap Hat in Pink – Crochet Beanie with Ear Flaps! Super cute!

  54. 1955nurse

    I liked her shop, had a really hard time picking a FAV but this would look so cute on my Grandaughter: //((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Thanks for the chance….

  55. 1955nurse

    I LIKE your Etsy shop, as 1955nurse!!!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com))

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    I shared this giveaway on my Facebook pg, HERE: //((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Thanks for the chance, love these hats!!!!

  57. Elise @ Harvey Ever After

    The Christmas hat for my son! The sports hats are also adorable!