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Guest Post: Holiday Gift Ideas from Vista Print!

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Heartfelt Grandparent Gifts for the Holiday Season

Ask any grandparent what the favorite gifts they’ve ever received are and they’ll probably start telling you about things they’ve gotten from their grandchildren. Grandparents really cherish items given to them by their grandkids. It’s funny – even people who were ruthless about throwing out their kids’ hand-made treasures suddenly become all mushy and sentimental when they become grandparents. They ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over every handprint picture and crudely formed clay mug and they prominently display these gifts in their homes.

This unadulterated delight is good news for anyone racking their brain for grandparent gifts ideas. The truth is that as long as the item is from the grandchildren it is pretty much guaranteed to be loved. There are definitely some items that tend to be grandparent favorites though, so if you’re looking for some gift inspiration going into the holiday season, here are a few options to consider:

Photo Calendar – Grandparents love nothing more than to display photos of their grandchildren all around the house, so a photo calendar makes perfect sense. Don’t worry; you don’t have to possess any super computer skills or go to a pricey print shop to create a custom photo calendar. These calendars can be easily and inexpensively made through an online print shop. This makes a particularly good gift for grandparents who live far away. Having a year’s worth of photos to flaunt is sure to bring many smiles.

Framed Artwork – Parents truly appreciate the special art pieces created by their kids, but there are often just too many of them to keep around. Rather than making the difficult decision to toss some of the creations, why not make them into prized grandparent gifts. All you have to do is choose some frames for them or have several of them bound into keepsake books. They’ll make excellent conversation pieces for years to come and will be great for sparking trips down memory lane.

Home Baked Specialties – While it may not be a gift that sticks around for long, sending homemade cookies or other holidays goodies that the kids had a hand in making is a wonderful gift for grandparents. In fact, if you follow the instructions for handprint cookies on the kids can literally have a hand in making the cookies and grandparents will be delighted to serve these little conversation starters to their holiday guests.

Crafty Ornaments – For a personal gift that will keep on giving year after year, try making some ornaments with the kids. You can create them completely from scratch or stop by a craft supply store and get some ready-to-decorate ornaments to start you off. Either way, the grandparents will be thrilled to have a gift that they can pull out every holiday season and be reminded of their grandchildren.

Photo Jewelry – If you want to go a little less handmade, but still personal then consider a locket necklace or some photo cufflinks with pictures of the grandkids. It will be something to show off and treasure for years to come.

Gifts for grandparents from their grandchildren are all about the sentiment. As previously mentioned, you really can’t go wrong here. As long as the kids are involved in some way, the gift will be well received.

Posted by on November 9, 2012

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